Welcome to the Manhattan Park District!

The MPD was established in 1964 and has actively served the public

recreation needs of Manhattan since founded. With nearly 270 acres of property and 10 developed

parks and facilities, the MPD serves a region of nearly 36 square miles encompassing all of Manhattan Township, and provides value to a population of nearly 10,000 people.


Our Mission

The Manhattan Park District’s mission is to pursue excellence in program and facility management, to maintain and redevelop facilities as necessary, and to be responsible for the recreation needs of the Park District. The Manhattan Park District will provide recreation facilities and programs for residents of all ages, while adhering to sound fiscal planning and equitable resource allocation that promises the protection of significant natural features and open space areas.

Jay Kelly                          Executive Director                                            jkelly@manhattanparkdistrict.com           815.478.3324  ext. 208

Lacinda Shawver              Finance/HR/IT Coordinator                                lshawver@manhattanparkdistrict.com        815.478.3324  ext. 207

Bob Gainous                       Superintendent of Parks & Planning        rgainous@manhattanparkdistrict.com         815.478.3324  ext. 205

Sid Gainous                        Parks Foreman                                     sgainous@manhattanparkdistrict.com

Matt Mowinski                     Parks Maintenance                              mmowinski@manhattanparkdistrict.com

Shannon Forsythe              Superintendent of Recreation          sforsythe@manhattanparkdistrict.com        815.478.3324  ext. 206

Vicki Pacewic                     Recreation Supervisor                     vpacewic@manhattanparkdistrict.com        815.478.3324  ext. 204

Rebecca Lynch                   Office Assistant                               rlynch@manhattanparkdistrict.com             815.478.3324  ext. 212


Bid Information

The Manhattan Park District reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids, reject non-conforming bids, reject conditional bids, waive irregularities in the bidding procedure, or to accept any bid that in its sole opinion best serves the interests of the Park District.

No current items up for bid at this time.