Freedom of Information




About FOIA

The Manhattan Park District will disclose public records in compliance with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  A copy of the Act is available at the Hansen Community Center, 397 S. State Street, Manhattan, IL 60442. The District may, in accordance with the Act and in conjunction with the Office of the Public Access Counselor, deny any request that is exempt from disclosure, including (for example) information that would constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.

Procedure for Requesting Information

  1. Requests must be submitted in writing and may be submitted in person, or by email to; or by fax to (815) 478-3428; or mailed to: Freedom of Information Officer (Jay Kelly), Manhattan Park District, 397 S. State Street, Manhattan, IL 60442, Attn: FOIA REQUEST

  2. Persons making the request may use the form available from the Manhattan Park District, 397 S. State Street, Manhattan, IL  60442, or can be downloaded here.  All requests must include the following information for the person making the request: full name, current address, phone number, a detailed description of the records sought, and whether or not the request is for a commercial purpose.
  3. Within 5 business days after the date the District receives the request, one of the designated FOIA officers will review and respond to the request.  In certain circumstances specified in the Act, the Act permits the FOIA officer to extend the time for a response by no more than 5 additional business days or such additional time as the person making the request and the FOIA officer shall agree.
  4. If any of the materials you requested are exempt under the Act, you will be notified of the exemptions.  Any denial, partial denial, or request may be appealed to the Public Access Counselor’s office within the Office of the Attorney General of the State of Illinois.
  5. Records may, when ready, be inspected at Headquarters.
  6. The Manhattan Park District is not required to maintain any record prior to the effective date of the Act; July 1, 1984 and is not generally required to create new records to answer particular questions the public may have.