Round Barn Farm

Baker-Koren Round Barn Farm is an 87-acre community park located north of Manhattan acquired by the Park District in 2006. Round Barn Farm is home to the historic and county-landmarked Round Barncompleted by John C. Baker in 1898, constructed of wood salvaged from the 1893Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition. The 20-sided polygonal barn remains one of the largest round barns in Illinois.

A true representation of our local heritage, Round Barn Farm was originally part of Five Mile Grove, the primary location of first European settlement in what is now known as Manhattan. Round Barn Farm features not only the historic barn, but also natural areas including an old growth oak grove, Jackson Creek, native plantings, and a pond. The beautiful grounds of Round Barn Farm host weddings, family parties, and our Round Barn Fest and Wine Fest events.

Active recreational opportunities at Round Barn Farm include an 18-hole disc golf course, athletic courts and fields, walking paths, and outdoor fitness equipment.